An iterative web design and socials project for a hypothetical space travel brand. Taken from the older original design to bold, adventurous and modern.

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Mockups of the Astrologica website on mobile and laptop


In 2017, I had an idea to create a space branding project as part of a final module during my time at Leeds Arts University. Looking back on it, I thought it had major potential to develop into something better - which is why I executed this web design project. Initially I spent a lot of time working out how such a company would portray themselves, and what they'd need from a site design and rebrand. Possible competitors were a large part of this phase, SpaceX and other similar programmes that focused on public space travel.

I undertook a variety of physical experiments with media and concepts to inspire brand design.

A galaxy


Astrologica is realistically a re-branding task, starting off as a completely different style and design experience. The hypothetical business rebrand was a rather early investigation into what I was capable of using Figma. I began to think about how visuals can add to a brand image, and created some posters to match the clean, modern brand image I wanted to create.

astrologica beyond cruiser ad

Website Design

Modern, clean, and futuristic, bold and adventurous. All key terms I hoped to emulate with this website design. I stuck mostly to photographic backgrounds, and developed a simplistic modern and clean style that was both accessible and visually stunning.